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Open letter to fincen’s proposed amendment of the bsa.October 24 2020. FinCEN.  
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Usa v. lichtenstein et al.February 7 2022. US Dept. of Justice.  
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Akbari, E., Zhao, W., Yang, S., & Luo, X. 2020, The impact of block parameters on the throughput and security of blockchains. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 2020 The 2nd International Conference on Blockchain Technology.  
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Alupotha, J., & Boyen, X. 2022. Practical uc-secure zero-knowledge smart contracts. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2022/670].  
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Arnosti, N., & Weinberg, M. S. 2018, Bitcoin: A Natural Oligopoly. Paper presented at 10th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2019).  
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Aslam, S., Tošić, A., & Mrissa, M. (2021). Secure and privacy-aware blockchain design: Requirements, challenges and solutions. Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy, 1(1), 164–194.  
Added by: Rucknium 2/23/22, 3:58 PM
Aumayr, L., Thyagarajan, S. A., Malavolta, G., Monero-Sánchez, P., & Maffei, M. 2021. Sleepy channels: Bitcoin-compatible bi-directional payment channels without watchtowers. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2021/1445].  
Last edited by: Rucknium 4/20/22, 3:56 PM
Avarikioti, Z., Pietrzak, K., Salem, I., Schmid, S., Tiwari, S., & Yeo, M. 2022, May 2–6 Hide & seek: privacy-preserving rebalancing on payment channel networks. Unpublished paper presented at Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2022.  
Added by: Rucknium 5/5/22, 8:31 PM
Badertscher, C., Sedaghat, M., & Waldner, H. 2023. Fine-grained accountable privacy via unlinkable policy-compliant signatures. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/1070].  
Last edited by: Rucknium 1/5/24, 10:08 PM
Bhambhwani, S., Delikouras, S., Korniotis, G. M., & others. 2019. Do fundamentals drive cryptocurrency prices?.  
Last edited by: Jack 1/20/23, 6:00 PM
Biryukov, A., Naumenko, G., & Tikhomirov, S. 2022, May 2–6 Analysis and probing of parallel channels in the lightning network. Unpublished paper presented at Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2022.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 5/5/22, 8:31 PM
Block, A. R., Garreta, A., Katz, J., Thaler, J., Tiwari, P. R., & Zajac, M. (2023). Fiat-shamir security of fri and related snarks. Cryptology ePrint Archive,  
Last edited by: Jack 7/29/23, 3:05 AM
Bonneau, J. 2019, Hostile blockchain takeovers (short paper). Paper presented at Financial Cryptography and Data Security.  
Last edited by: endor 4/17/22, 10:47 PM
Broniatowski, M. (2021). Minimum divergence estimators, maximum likelihood and the generalized bootstrap. Entropy, 23(2), 185.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 3/12/22, 4:40 AM
Butler, S. 2021, Cyber 9/11 will not take place: A user perspective of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from underground and dark net forums. Paper presented at Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust.  
Added by: Rucknium 10/12/22, 4:26 PM
Campanelli, M., Hall-Andersen, M., & Kamp, S. H. 2022. Curve trees: Practical and transparent zero-knowledge accumulators. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2022/756].  
Last edited by: Rucknium 12/29/22, 4:41 PM
Carlsten, M., Kalodner, H., Weinberg, S., & Narayanan, A. 2016, On the instability of bitcoin without the block reward.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 11:28 PM
Chen, J., Cheng, Y., Xu, Z., & Cao, Y. 2021, Evolutionary equilibrium analysis for decision on block size in blockchain systems. Paper presented at Combinatorial Optimization and Applications.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 10:41 PM
Chepurnoy, A., Kharin, V., & Meshkov, D. 2019, A systematic approach to cryptocurrency fees. Paper presented at Financial Cryptography and Data Security.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 10:41 PM
Corradini, F., Mostarda, L., & Scala, E. 2022, Zeromt: Multi-transfer protocol for enabling privacy in off-chain payments. Paper presented at Advanced Information Networking and Applications.  
Added by: Rucknium 5/5/22, 9:43 PM
Deng, C., You, L., Tang, X., Hu, G., & Gao, S. (2022). Cuproof: Range proof with constant size. Entropy, 24(3), 334.  
Last edited by: Jack 3/28/23, 9:58 PM
Fantazzini, D., & Kolodin, N. (2020). Does the hashrate affect the bitcoin price?. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 13(11).  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 9:15 PM
Fanti, G., Venkatakrishnan, S. B., Bakshi, S., Denby, B., Bhargava, S., & Miller, A., et al. (2018). Dandelion++: Lightweight cryptocurrency networking with formal anonymity guarantees. Proc. ACM Meas. Anal. Comput. Syst. 2(2).  
Added by: Rucknium 10/22/22, 8:53 PM
Garay, J., Kiayias, A., & Leonardos, N. 2015, The bitcoin backbone protocol: Analysis and applications. Paper presented at Advances in Cryptology - EUROCRYPT 2015.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 9:02 PM
Gervais, A., Karame, G. O., W"ust, K., Glykantzis, V., Ritzdorf, H., & Capkun, S. 2016, On the security and performance of proof of work blockchains. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security.  
Last edited by: endor 4/17/22, 7:53 PM
Gligoroski, D. (2023). A transformation for lifting discrete logarithm based cryptography to post-quantum cryptography. Cryptology ePrint Archive,  
Last edited by: Jack 3/6/23, 10:32 PM
Goorha, P. Principles of natural resource economics for bitcoin. The Journal of The British Blockchain Association, 4(August).  
Last edited by: endor 4/14/22, 8:14 PM
Grunspan, C., & Perez-Marco, R. (2018). Double spend races. Int. J. Theor. Appl. Finance, 21(8), 1850053.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 8/23/23, 4:52 PM
Grunspan, C., & Perez-Marco, R. 2022. Ping-pong swaps. arXiv.  
Added by: Rucknium 12/2/22, 4:36 PM
Hou, C., Zhou, M., Ji, Y., Daian, P., Tram`er, F., & Fanti, G., et al. 2021, SquirRL: Automating attack analysis on blockchain incentive mechanisms with deep reinforcement learning. Paper presented at Proceedings 2021 Network and Distributed System Security Symposium.  
Added by: Rucknium 10/22/22, 8:50 PM
Huberman, G., Leshno, J. D., & Moallemi, C. (2021). Monopoly without a Monopolist: An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System. The Review of Economic Studies, 88(6), 3011–3040.  
Last edited by: endor 4/19/22, 11:07 PM
Järvinen, S. (2022). Tax evasion with untraceable cryptocurrencies in OECD countries as a target of regulation. Unpublished masters thesis, Aalto University. School of Business.  
Added by: Rucknium 10/22/22, 5:17 PM
Karame, G. O., Androulaki, E., Roeschlin, M., Gervais, A., & vCapkun, S. (2015). Misbehavior in bitcoin: A study of double-spending and accountability. ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur. 18(1).  
Last edited by: endor 4/17/22, 7:51 PM
Kearney, J. J., & Perez-Delgado, C. A. (2021). Vulnerability of blockchain technologies to quantum attacks. Array, 10, 100065.  
Added by: Rucknium 5/3/22, 3:13 AM
Koerhuis, W., Kechadi, T., & Le-Khac, N.-A. (2020). Forensic analysis of privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation, 33, 200891.  
Added by: Rucknium 9/10/22, 7:55 PM
Leevik, A., Beliaev, V., Stasenko, B., Davydov, V., & Bezzateev, S. 2020, Review and analysis of the classical and post-quantum ring signature algorithms. Paper presented at 2020 12th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT).  
Last edited by: Jack 1/20/23, 6:12 PM
Li, J., Li, N., Peng, J., Cui, H., & Wu, Z. (2019). Energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining: A study of electricity consumption in mining cryptocurrencies. Energy, 168, 160–168.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 7:30 PM
Li, S.-N., Yang, Z., & Tessone, C. J. 2020, Proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining: A statistical approach to fairness. Paper presented at 2020 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC Workshops).  
Added by: endor 4/3/22, 6:53 PM
Liang, M., Karantaidou, I., Baldimtsi, F., Gordon, D. S., & Varia, M. (2022). (∈, δ)-indistinguishable mixing for cryptocurrencies. Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 2022(1), 49–74.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 5/5/22, 10:24 PM
Liao, Y.-C., Tso, R., Liu, Z.-Y., & Tseng, Y.-F. 2022, Blockchain-based confidential payment system with controllable regulation. Paper presented at Information Security Practice and Experience.  
Added by: Rucknium 12/2/22, 4:05 PM
Luo, M., Zhou, J., & Yang, P. (2023). Rats: A regulatory anonymous transaction system based on blockchain. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 182, 104751.  
Added by: Rucknium 1/6/24, 5:44 PM
Macchetti, M. 2023. A novel related nonce attack for ecdsa. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/305].  
Last edited by: Jack 3/6/23, 10:35 PM
Magaki, I., Khazraee, M., Gutierrez, L. V., & Taylor, M. B. 2016, June Asic clouds: Specializing the datacenter. Paper presented at 2016 ACM/IEEE 43rd Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA).  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 7:40 PM
McCloskey, D. N. (2016). Fungibility. In The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (pp. 1–1). London: Palgrave Macmillan UK.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 3/9/22, 9:31 PM
Meier, J. (2022). Diophantine satisfiability arguments for private blockchains. Unpublished masters thesis, ETH Zurich, Zurich.  
Added by: Rucknium 10/22/22, 7:40 PM
Miller, A., Kosba, A., Katz, J., & Shi, E. 2015, Nonoutsourceable scratch-off puzzles to discourage bitcoin mining coalitions. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security.  
Added by: Rucknium 2/23/22, 10:08 PM
Mondschein, C. F. (2020). Browser-based crypto mining and eu data protection and privacy law: A critical assessment and possible opportunities for the monetisation of web services. The Journal of The British Blockchain Association,  
Last edited by: Rucknium 5/3/22, 12:53 PM
Movsowitz Davidow, D., Manevich, Y., & Toch, E. 2023, Privacy-Preserving Transactions with Verifiable Local Differential Privacy. Paper presented at 5th Conference on Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT 2023).  
Added by: Rucknium 1/5/24, 7:14 PM
Nakamoto, S. (2008). Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Unpublished manuscript.  
Last edited by: theadmin 2/23/22, 12:13 AM
Nikzad, A., & Mehregan, M. (2022). Techno-economic, and environmental evaluations of a novel cogeneration system based on solar energy and cryptocurrency mining. Solar Energy, 232, 409–420.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 7:34 PM
O'Dwyer, K. J., & Malone, D. 2014, June Bitcoin mining and its energy footprint. Paper presented at 25th IET Irish Signals Systems Conference 2014 and 2014 China-Ireland International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (ISSC 2014/CIICT 2014).  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 8:19 PM
Pu, S., Thyagarajan, S. A., D"ottling, N., & Hanzlik, L. (2023). Post quantum fuzzy stealth signatures and applications. Cryptology ePrint Archive,  
Last edited by: Jack 7/29/23, 2:59 AM
Quesnelle, J. 2017. On the linkability of zcash transactions. arXiv.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 8/25/22, 12:25 AM
Rinberg, R., & Agarwal, N. 2022. Privacy when everyone is watching: An sok on anonymity on the blockchain. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2022/985].  
Added by: Rucknium 10/22/22, 5:21 PM
Rosenfeld, M. 2014. Analysis of hashrate-based double spending.  
Last edited by: Rucknium 8/23/23, 4:48 PM
Rueckert, C. (2019). Cryptocurrencies and fundamental rights. Journal of Cybersecurity, 5(1).  
Added by: Rucknium 5/3/22, 12:49 PM
Sarier, N. D. (2022). Privacy preserving biometric authentication on the blockchain for smart healthcare. Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 86, 101683.  
Added by: Rucknium 9/10/22, 7:55 PM
Scala, E., & Mostarda, L. 2023, Range proofs with constant size and trustless setup. Paper presented at Advanced Information Networking and Applications: Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2023), Volume 3.  
Last edited by: Jack 3/29/23, 6:12 PM
Su, W., & Ma, L. 2023, April A blockchain-based covert document communication system model. Paper presented at 2023 8th International Conference on Computer and Communication Systems (ICCCS).  
Added by: Rucknium 1/5/24, 7:13 PM
Taylor, M. B. 2013, Bitcoin and the age of bespoke silicon. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Compilers, Architectures and Synthesis for Embedded Systems.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 8:23 PM
Teng, D., Yao, Y., Wang, Y., Zhou, L., & Huang, C. 2022, An sm2-based traceable ring signature scheme for smart grid privacy protection. Paper presented at Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications.  
Added by: Rucknium 12/2/22, 4:03 PM
Tiemann, T., Berndt, S., Eisenbarth, T., & Liśkiewicz, M. 2023, July “act natural!”: Exchanging private messages on public blockchains. Paper presented at 2023 IEEE 8th European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P).  
Added by: Rucknium 1/6/24, 5:53 PM
Vranken, H. (2017). Sustainability of bitcoin and blockchains. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 28, 1–9.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 7:32 PM
Vries, A. D. (2020). Bitcoin’s energy consumption is underestimated: A market dynamics approach. Energy Research & Social Science, 70, 101721.  
Added by: endor 4/17/22, 7:32 PM
Wahrst"atter, A., Solomon, M., DiFrancesco, B., Buterin, V., & Svetinovic, D. (2023). Basesap: Modular stealth address protocol for programmable blockchains. arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.14272,  
Last edited by: Jack 7/29/23, 3:09 AM
Wang, K., Liu, M., Wang, J., Wu, M., & Zhao, F. (2022). Bbarhs: Blockchain-based anonymous ride-hailing scheme for autonomous taxi network. Security and Communication Networks, 2022, 1–13.  
Added by: Rucknium 9/10/22, 7:57 PM
Wang, J., Cheng, J., Yuan, Y., Li, H., & Sheng, V. S. 2022, A survey on privacy protection of cross-chain. Paper presented at Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Security.  
Added by: Rucknium 9/10/22, 8:13 PM
Yu, Q., Liao, S., Wang, L., Yu, Y., Zhang, L., & Zhao, Y. (2024). A regulated anonymous cryptocurrency with batch linkability. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 87, 103770.  
Added by: Rucknium 1/6/24, 5:26 PM
Zhang, T., Li, B., Zhu, Y., Han, T., & Wu, Q. (2023). Covert channels in blockchain and blockchain based covert communication: Overview, state-of-the-art, and future directions. Computer Communications, 205, 136–146.  
Added by: Rucknium 1/5/24, 7:23 PM
Zhaolu, T., Wan, Z., & Wang, H. 2022. Division of regulatory power: Collaborative regulation for privacy-preserving blockchains. [Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2022/1634].  
Added by: Rucknium 12/2/22, 4:10 PM
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